Our drivers often travel one way or multi-leg routes. Our transportation network service ensures that drivers are never away from home for long. Drivers can tag team routes, catch a ride home with another driver, or run complimentary routes to make round trips. 

Each of our offices and every driver are equipped with satellite phones, ensuring that, regardless of circumstances, communication will never be lost. Through natural disasters, infrastructure breakdowns, and loss of services, we ensure your cargo reaches its destination and you can reach us.

We offer personalized trucking services for your company. Dedicated shuttle service can be established to help you move cargo between your various locations. We can even design our trucks to reflect your company logo and branding.

Dedicated Shuttle

yija moving represents the quality, professionalism and commitment to customer service and the highest standards of service since 1980. We are committed to the highest standards in every transport service process.
We are committed to providing a higher standard of care. This means that when you put your family handling delegated to honor you can expect to get from start to finish a truly professional customer service. So act quickly to make an informed decision and choose home-Transport .

In the past 30 years, family honor and improve the working methods of continuous improvement, family honor will always provide you with the handling of high-quality professional services.  believes moving home, first-class customer service will be a major factor in our success.

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Careers with W&G

Transportation Network

Satellite Communication

Amazing Benefits Package available to all employees starting on day one. Medical, Dental, Vision and Flex Spending plans at reasonable rates.

New and Experienced Drivers wanted in all areas throughout three regions that we service. On the job training is available to those who qualify.

Management Training opportunities offered as part of our career pathing initiative to grow our employees in their career and goals.


YIJA Moving 宜家搬運

Tuition Reimbursement for approved schools and programs throughout the canada. Grow your skill set and grow your career.